Certificate in Mobile Application Development

Quick Facts

$85,000 JMD


5 Months

Programme length


Programme delivery

Entry Requirements

  • Candidates must possess a minimum of 3 CXC subjects at the prescribed levels, or recognized vocational qualification or professional certifications eg. HEART, NCTVET, City & Guilds, etc. Candidates with credentials that exceed CXC qualifications may also be granted acceptance into the directly into the programme.
  • In addition, candidates must be computer literate. Therefore, all applicants MUST sit an entrance computer literacy test. If successful, the applicant will enroll directly into the programme. If the applicant is unsuccessful, he/she will be required to pursue a pre-requisite course (at an additional cost) that will matriculate them directly into the Mobile Application Development programme.

Acceptance into the programme is subject to the conditions governing matriculation requirements of the College Policy.

All candidates MUST be computer literate and have access to a computer and the internet.

For more information, kindly contact our admissions office.

Additional Information

What you will learn

Listed below include several of the objectives of this certificate. In addition, students will be taught the best practices for developing Mobile Apps while receiving a glimpse into the daily life of a Software Programmer. Students will also learn the process of developing an idea into a mobile application.

  • Create Mobile Apps using Android Studio
  • Understand the architecture of the Android system
  • Describe the basic building blocks of an Android app
  • Learn how to build and run an Android app
  • Learn to create useful apps with effective user interface (UIs)
  • Learn how to implement menu-based navigation
  • Learn to develop apps that store and retrieve user information that persists beyond the life of the app
  • Access the native capabilities of the device

Certificate Includes: 2 modules

  1. Introduction to Java
  2. Mobile Development

Would you recommend Vector?

I have gained a wealth of knowledge that can be accredited to the institution’s focus on the blending of practical IT training into the course structure at every step of the way. I can honestly say that I have no regrets and would wholeheartedly recommend this institution to individuals looking for practical, technical IT training.

Matthew J.
Matthew J.

BSc, Information & Communication Technology

So far, my experience at Vector is excellent; the teachers are among some of the best people within their field. What got me excited is how Vector structured their curriculum which includes international certifications like CompTIA and Cisco, by doing this you know you're always getting the current global standards.

Nadia S.
Nadia S.

BSc, Information & Communication Technology

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