Solar Photovoltaic Installer Level 1

Quick Facts

$75,000 JMD


7 Weeks

Course length


Course delivery

*Blended - a style of education in which students learn via electronic and online media as well as traditional face-to-face teaching.

Entry Requirements

As a prerequisite, candidates must have prior knowledge of electrical theory. Vector offers a Basic Electricity for PV Installers (2 weeks course) that satisfies these objectives.

  • Candidates with electrical/electronic experience or qualification are required to sit an electrical test before matriculating directly into the programme.
  • Candidates with CXC Mathematics but no electrical/electronic experience or qualification MUST pursue the Basic Electricity for PV Installers course before matriculating directly into the programme.
  • Candidates who do not have CXC Mathematics OR experience or qualification in electrical/electronic MUST sit an entrance Mathematics test set by the institution, and pursue the Basic Electricity for PV Installers course before matriculating directly into the programme. Acceptance is based on the conditions governing matriculation requirements of the College Policy.

All candidates MUST be computer literate and have access to a computer and the internet.

For more information, kindly contact our admissions office.

Additional Information

How is the programme conducted?

The course is fairly intensive, where students are exposed to a number of concepts related to electricity, astronomy, atmospheric and environmental principles. Students will be called upon to demonstrate their ability to apply these concepts within the widely varied constraints and requirements of the potential owner of the PV system.

This PV Installer Level 1 programme is a careful balance between theory and practical activities to ensure that a solid foundation is cast where students understand the principles of solar technology, operations of PV components and issues related to systems design and applications.

Want to becoming internationally certified?

On successful completion of the programme, students receive the Vector Technology Institute – PV Installer Level 1 Certificate and students are automatically qualified to sit the external Electronics Technicians Association’s international certification examination. Students can sit the exam at Vector at an additional cost as the international exam fee is not included in the programme fee.

Industry Affiliation:

The programme at Vector was initially implemented with the support of Alternative Power Sources(APA) as our main industry affiliate. This affiliation allowed students to benefit from the experiences of APS’s specialists who directly relate technical and regulatory challenges unique to the Jamaican environment. The programme has now broadened since its inception, and now includes international mentors, yet select group of established solar institutions throughout the island. This allows the institution to meet its original mission of workforce development, serving the Jamaica Solar Industry.

Why Obtain a Photovoltaic Certification Through ETA International?

The Electronics Technicians Association, International (ETA International) is a not-for-profit trade association. Since 1978 ETA has, and continues to, support the academic, social and professional needs of the technical professional by fostering excellence through certification. ETA is accredited through the International certification Accreditation Council (ICAC) and works to align with ISO-17024 standards. The U.S. Department of Labor Recognizes ETA International Certifications!

Would you recommend Vector?

I have gained a wealth of knowledge that can be accredited to the institution’s focus on the blending of practical IT training into the course structure at every step of the way. I can honestly say that I have no regrets and would wholeheartedly recommend this institution to individuals looking for practical, technical IT training.

Matthew J.
Matthew J.

BSc, Information & Communication Technology

So far, my experience at Vector is excellent; the teachers are among some of the best people within their field. What got me excited is how Vector structured their curriculum which includes international certifications like CompTIA and Cisco, by doing this you know you're always getting the current global standards.

Nadia S.
Nadia S.

BSc, Information & Communication Technology

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