Requesting Documents

Students requesting any documentation from the institution must complete a Document Request Form. The form is available to be downloaded from the website, or through collection at the admissions office.

General Information & Policies

All documents are prepared within a seven (7) business day period. Express services are only provided for letter documents excluding financial letters, within a one to three business day period. There are presently no express services offered for Transcripts and Progress Reports. However, depending on the year of completion (1998, 1999 etc) and the availability of data, documents may take up to 10 business days for completion.

Verification Documents

Verification documents can be requested if students need to verify their enrollment for employment, student loan opportunities, insurance discounts, or requests related to scholarships, financial aid or their visa application. There are currently six (6) types of verifications documents: Transcript, Progress Report, Confirmation Letter, Completion Letter, Letter to Embassy, Financial Letter/Report.

The following information is needed when requesting any of the verification documents:

What is a verification letter?

A verification letter provides official academic proof of the student’s present or past enrollment at the Institution. The letter is a record summary that provides the dates of attendance at the institution and any related status such as; full- or part-time enrollment, registered semester and programme being pursued or completed. However, modules and grade information are not provided. Verification letters include: Confirmation Letter, Completion Letter, Letter to Embassy and Financial Letter/Report.


A transcript is a detailed statement of a present or past student’s overall academic performance at the Institution. It demonstrates modules with corresponding grades and cumulative GPA for personal or professional consumption.

What is an Official Transcript?

An official transcript is certified and signed by the Registrar and Programmes Coordinator of the Institution. It can be collected by the student or sent directly to the recipient. Official transcripts are not sent via email.

A paper transcript is official only as long as it remains in its sealed envelope. The sealed envelope must not be opened when being forward to the recipient. If the seal is broken, the document is immediately voided and should not be accepted.

What is an Unofficial Transcript?

An unofficial transcript is not certified or signed by the Registrar and Programmes Coordinator of the Institution. It is usually requested for personal use and can be collected and emailed to the student but not to third parties. An unofficial transcript is not issued in a sealed envelope and therefore must NOT be used in place of an Official Transcript.

Consider sending a certification letter instead

If the recipient did not specifically request a transcript, a verification letter may be sufficient and in most cases, more affordable. However, the student must confirm with the recipient before making the request.

How to request a Verification Document

Please Note:

Once the request is submitted, the payment made is non-refundable even if the document is not collected. Documents will not be issued if the student has a financial or academic hold. A financial hold may be due to outstanding fees owed to VTI, and an academic hold may be due to a student not satisfying the terms and conditions of their probation or provisional entry.

The document will be issued according to the name as registered with the institution upon student commencement. However, if a student name has changed, then they will need to present proof of the name change.

If a student wishes for a third party to collect the document, a letter must be written, including the name of the person collecting the document and signed by the student granting the permission. The third-party is required to present an ID when collecting the document. The processing time of the document excludes delivery time by courier.