The Admissions Department of Vector Technology Institute and its responsibilities fall under the patronage of the Office of the Registrar. The institution’s Registrar is responsible for the assessment of all applications. To be considered for acceptance, applicants are not required to possess any background in working with computers at a professional level; however, it is necessary that all applicants show an affinity for working with electrical or electronic devices while meeting the requirements for the specific programme of interest.

Please Note: An applicant MUST be computer literate and have access to a computer and the internet in order to qualify for any one of the programmes offered at Vector Technology Institute.

Upcoming Programmes and Courses

  • May312024
    VMware Certified Professional – Data Center Virtualization 2023 (VCP-DCV)
    duration8 Weeks
  • June112024
    Solar Photovoltaic Installer Level 1
    duration7 Weeks
  • July12024
    Dip. in Computer Systems Technology
    duration1 Year
All Upcoming Programmes and Courses

The Application Process

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    Select Programme/Course

    Individuals can access the website, select the programmes tab and peruse the different programmes offered by the institution. This can be followed by navigating to the admissions web page for further information regarding the programme/ course requirements. If necessary, the individual may contact an administrative assistant with additional enquiries about their programme of interest.

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    Submit Application Form

    Individuals interested in applying for a programme offered by the institution must complete an Application Form. The form can be retrieved from the website, or through collection at the admissions office. When completing the form, the applicant may contact an administrative assistant to provide assistance or to answer any additional enquires. The applicant should note the required supporting documents and provide copies for submission. Once the applicant has completed the application form he/she may submit the application via email however, the original copies MUST be physically submitted to the admissions office for authentication and verification purposes.

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    Applicant Assessment

    Once in receipt of the application form, the admissions department will begin to assess the application. The application form along with the supporting documents will be verified and checked for completeness. The processing time for an application will require 1-5 business days. Any outstanding information or documents may lengthen the processing time of the submitted application. Once the assessment is complete the Registrar will issue an acceptance or denial response, which is usually sent via email. A provisional acceptance may be granted pending the submission of original credentials.

Entry Requirements

Diplomas and Degrees

Full Status

To gain admissions into Vector Technology Institute, candidates must meet the minimum entry requirements according to the institution’s policy. Applicants seeking admission into a programme must satisfy the minimum matriculation requirements of having 4 subjects for the Diploma and 5 subjects for the Associate and Bachelor degrees or the equivalent. These subjects must include English Language and a numeric (Mathematics/Principles of Accounts) subject in General Proficiency at:

  • CXC subjects Grades1-3 level (from 1998) or equivalent
  • G.C.E. O’ level subjects to Grade C level
  • U.L.C.I subjects to the “pass” level
  • City & Guilds Level/stage 4 & 5
  • Secondary School Certificate (SSC) Level 4 & 5

Provisional Status

Provisional admission may be granted to applicants needing one additional subject or one of the compulsory subjects to meet the minimum matriculation requirements.  The applicant must, however, either be enrolled in a related program and/ or be registered for the next sitting of the C.X.C., G.C.E. O’ Level, or a relevant equivalent examination. 

Mature Status

Applicants over the age of 25 with a minimum of five years IT experience may matriculate under the mature status where acceptance is based on their work experience, job responsibilities, technical qualifications, and competence.  The applicant is required to provide Vector-Tech with their updated resume, a recommendation letter, and a job description letter signed and stamped by their superior. They will also be required to sit an interview and an English Language and Mathematics entry examination set by the Institution.

Certificates for Professional Development

Applicants seeking admission to these programmes must satisfy the minimum matriculation requirements of having any 3 C.X.C. subjects or equivalent, except for the Solar PV Installer, Fiber Optics Levels 1 & 2 and Cisco CCNA which require additional requirements. Please peruse the specific programme’s page or consult with an admissions assistant for detail requirements.

Would you recommend Vector?

I have gained a wealth of knowledge that can be accredited to the institution’s focus on the blending of practical IT training into the course structure at every step of the way. I can honestly say that I have no regrets and would wholeheartedly recommend this institution to individuals looking for practical, technical IT training.

Matthew J.
Matthew J.

BSc, Information & Communication Technology

Past Student

So far, my experience at Vector is excellent; the teachers are among some of the best people within their field. What got me excited is how Vector structured their curriculum which includes international certifications like CompTIA and Cisco, by doing this you know you're always getting the current global standards.

Nadia S.
Nadia S.

BSc, Information & Communication Technology

Current Student