Evolution Of Vector Technology Institute

Vector Technology Institute was first registered by the University Council of Jamaica in June 1997. The Institute was the pioneer in delivering training to Computer Technicians in Jamaica when it introduced its Certificate Courses in 1992.

Vector Technology Institute had its genesis as the Training Department of the Systems House, Vector Design Limited (VDAS) which was incorporated in 1983 as a computer service, sales and consulting company. During the 1980''s VDAS, in responding to the demands of its corporate clients, offered training in Office Automation Software applications.

With the expansion of the Personal Computer market, the demand for technical services in the industry grew, creating a corresponding need for trained individuals in these areas. VDAS began training Computer Technicians through short certificate courses, however, by 1993 the curriculum had expanded to a six-month diploma in Computer Maintenance and Trouble Shooting.

With the growth of the programme, a decision was taken to separate the training component from the general operations of computer service, sales and consulting. A new entity was created to which all functions of the Training Department were transferred. Vector Technology Institute (VTI) was registered in 1997 as a tertiary institution with the University Council of Jamaica. VTI continues to benefit from VDAS's real-world experiences and technical resources.

Institutional Recognition

Vector Technology is a registered tertiary institution certified by the University Council of Jamaica (UCJ). The College is also a member of the Jamaica Committee on Tertiary Education (JCTE).


The vision of the Institute is to play a pivotal role in improving the skills base of Jamaica in the field of Information Technology through the production of highly skilled technicians and engineers.

Mission Statement

To produce specialists in the field of Computer Systems Design, Maintenance and Administration; to serve the needs of Industry, and to provide the basis for further academic pursuits in this field of study.