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Message from the President

The Vector Technology Institute embarks on its 21st year with the focus on the future of Jamaica and the role that we play in delivering on the promise of Vision 2030. Our responsibility, along with our colleague institutions, lie in building our technical workforce capacity over the short-term, while sustaining the continuous growth in the cache of technological professionals to not only attract foreign investors but to also provide the base on which our local companies can build and grow.

VTI’s underlying philosophy is based on offering Programmes with a Purpose. We design our programmes to ensure that students develop industry viable skills that grow progressively as they progress through their studies; and, by ensuring that these skills are industry certified, students will become increasingly employable before reaching the end of their programmes. There are significant advantages to this strategy as students are able to enter the Information Technology field within a year of study as IT professionals; they will be ready and able to apply industry experience even while they study, they will more quickly become self-supportive and they will gain the ability to finance their own studies.

Dr. Wayde Marr
Dr. Wayde Marr, President

In enhancing this model, Vector Technology is making a purposeful drive to ensure that students and graduates actively contribute to the development and growth of the nation’s knowledge and technology sectors. We continue to focus on agile curriculum development methods; delivering best in class, industry relevant, and globally recognized programmes that are high transportability because of their integrated certifications features. 

In addition to developing Programmes with a Purpose, Vector integrates the latest instructional technologies in how courses are delivered, exploiting the methods and tools of the technology in consideration to the diversity in lifestyles and the changing demographics of the learning community.

The most significant component of our success is the cadre of talented and dedicated Jamaicans who design, develop and teach our courses. Not only do they come with the best of intentions and exposure to state-of-the-industry experiences, but they are some of the best talent when compared to anywhere across the world.

Finally, our greatest asset is our commitment to our mission which dictates that we are not only agents of disruption and transformational change, but in teaching our people to similarly embrace attitudes and characteristics to become rulers of the change. Jamaica and Jamaicans have always had the reputation of performing far beyond what our size dictates; and once provided with the right tools, environment and the opportunities, we are world beaters. To this end, Vector Technology Institute is committed in providing our people the right tools that allow them to live up to this reputation, out-performing expectations and meeting the goals of our Vision 2030.